Educational resources for school


Educational resources for school

Educational resources for school
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More than 200 diversified proposals, interactively created by using already tested strategies and experimenting with new communication methods.

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Reservation required
Phone +39 060608 every day from 9.00 to 19.00 (Except Casa Museo Alberto Moravia with reservations required at

All on-site and online activities are free for the schools in Rome and the Metropolitan city until the offer runs out.

The free offer for the activities of the PAD- Patrimonio a distanza program is extended to all the schools in the national territory, subject to availability, until 31st December 2021.

The on-site educational activities will be charged for schools outside Rome, outside the Metropolitan city, and in case the free offer runs out.

Educational visits and itineraries (duration 90 minutes)
€ 70,00
Activities: Percorsi nei Musei; Roma Museo diffuso (with the exception of “Difendere Roma nel 1849: tra Porta San Pancrazio e Villa Sciarra”); Salva(e)guarda il Patrimonio with the exception of “A passeggio per Villa Borghese tra storia, arte e natura”)

Workshops: (duration 120 minutes)
€ 260,00
Activities: Conoscere attraverso il “fare”

Special projects (duration 180 minutes):
€ 140,00
Activities: Un libro aperto sulla storia; Tra luoghi e carte (Piazza Navona: storia e trasformazioni attraverso la “lettura” dei luoghi e dei documenti d’archivio); Roma Museo diffuso (“Difendere Roma nel 1849: tra Porta San Pancrazio e Villa Sciarra”); Roma Diversa-Mente (“Roma: i luoghi dell’incontro e dell’accoglienza”)
€ 280,00
Activities: Salva(e)guarda il patrimonio (“A passeggio per Villa Borghese tra storia, arte e natura”)

The following activities are always free, a part from the offer:
- Osservare, comprendere, comunicare attraverso l’arte. Students at the museum with the Visual Thinking Strategies
- Tra luoghi e carte (“L’Archivio Storico Capitolino nel complesso dei Filippini: memoria viva della città”)

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